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- Kim Sarrasin “If women knew how much men want to make them happy, they would be asking for a lot more.” ~ Kim Sarrasin There is no truer statement and I want to help you find your soulmate solution.You can schedule a complimentary coaching session NOW to get started OR feel free to read on to learn more ways I can support you as you activate your Inner Queen energy and claim the love you deserve.

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Using a combination of HIGH intuition and 12 years experience coaching thousands of individuals, Kim has developed fast methods of healing that help individuals laser in on exactly what has been blocking them in love for a lifetime.

With a high 87% success rate for connecting individuals with their soulmate, Kim has attracted national media attention across North America CBC TV, Global TV, The Globe & Mail, BC Business and Shape Magazine to name just a few and has also been nominated 2 years consecutively for the prestigious RBC Entrepreneur of the Year Awards for the contributions she has made to her community.

With her wealth of knowledge on men, women and relationships, Kim has created numerous ways to serve her global community.

Her virtual monthly "Soulmate Success Club" provides men and women with the latest tips on soulmate success.

The differences between men and women and lack of quality, in depth information about the opposite sex is the root of much frustration and heartbreak.

It's my passion and biggest mission in life to get you in great shape and start having great relationships.

They’ve adopted many masculine traits and lost touch with the feminine side of themselves – putting a serious dent in their love life.

It’s fantastic that women have become independent, but very few know how to strike a balance between this independence and allowing a man take care of them.

You’ll want to pay close attention to what I’m about to share to see if any of these apply to you, especially if you: It’s completely understandable for a savvy, single woman like yourself to feel any of the above and maybe even all of the above and more.

The good new is, if you are using the same approach in your business life as you are in your love life (another BIG and common mistake), I have the proven tips and tools you need that will help you feel more relaxed and feminine with men.

“There’s a large demographic of women living in Canada and the US who have spent the better part of their life getting educated and then focusing on their career.

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