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Classic ABU's are his bread and butter, and he has always done right by me: No little black case, wrench or spare parts as my first one had, but none the less a a truly MINT reel! Makes me remember fondling the first one back in the late 60's!

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And this ebay seller will definately get good feedback!

Here's why: -Smooth foot with a 6 digit S/N and ribbed plates -Large shiny arbor spool -Bright, non checkered left spool cap It is a "three screw", and could be correct for a late 64. t=498789 BTW, Smooth drag has just started selling Carbontex washers for these reels, and might be a nice choice should the stock washers need replacing. Well, if I was to get nothing else at all for Christmas, I would still be a very happy man! And hopefully I'll never be forced to sell it as I was my first one to help pay rent when I first got married!

In the 1960s and 70s, Galveston, Texas was where my family spent its free time.

One of my father’s favorite reels was the Ambassadeur 6000.

If the ones in the reel are original, I'm sure a replacement set is due. The little red 5000 is where I cut my teeth with conventials as a young boy! Everything is perfect, just like it came out of the store brand new today!

it is not fully understood and as soon as a rule is applied, it is sure to be over-ruled with an exception.

Starting with the Ambassadeurs, notably the Record Ambassadeur 5000, they did not have any numbering system employed at all.

I am informed that the serializing process did not begin until the Record name from the Ambassadeurs whence they were named ABU Ambassadeur only.

The reel seat hardware is gold plated nickel silver cap and ring with ebony wood insert. 9'6", 3/2 Early 1900's , Radio brand down-locking nickel silver reel seat, nickel silver ferules, flamed cane, jasper wraps with intermediates, brass-capped aluminum tip holder, aluminum tube, excellent condition. Reverse half wells cork grip with down-locking aluminum hardware over walnut wood insert.

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