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Through the East Asian Company, East Indian porcelain was imported to Denmark.

The style of this merchandize was Chinese with blue ribbons and large blue flowers in a greenish with tone.

It was purchased by the faience factory Aluminia in 1882.

Shortly after Aluminia's acquisition, Royal Copenhagen production was moved to a modern factory building at Aluminia’s site in Frederiksberg, on the outskirts of Copenhagen.

This grouping of three faience pieces from the Royal Copenhagen / Aluminia line Tenera designed by Nils Thorssen in the 1960's has a wonderful aura.

These three were decorated with organic stylised floral motifs by three women artists, all Danes and designing for Royal Copenhagen. Gennem det privilegerede handelskompagni frtes meget "ostindisk porcelain" her til landet. 11 Fajance, grbl glasur, hndmalede blomster og blt bnd. I ret 1616 erhvervede Danmark Tranquebar for, ligesom mange andre af Europas lande, at have en koloni i Ostindien.One of our major area is porcelain collectibles of animals and figurines from Dahl Jensen, Bing & Grondahl and Royal Copenhagen - all preowned and most discontinued for many years.We also do offer a wide range of dinnerware from the Danish manufactories such as Royal Copenhagen patterns of Aluminia Tranquebar; Blue Flower, Saxon Flower, Blue Fluted, Flora Danica and Bing & Grondahl patterns of Empire, Eranthis, Seagull, Christmas Rose.), is a danish manufacturer of porcelain products and was founded in Copenhagen under the protection of the danish widow Queen Juliane Marie.

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