Dating a gibson melody maker

On instruments with round sound holes, this label is visible directly below it.On f-hole instruments, it is visible through the upper f-hole.

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This rare model features an explorer neck, Grover tuners, Kahler tremolo system and dual humbuckers. It was inspired by the original Melody Maker, but differed from it in having chrome tuners, no scratchplate, controls rear-mounted in the traditional Gibson solid-body style, and a bridge/vibrola unit.

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Some time in 1953, instruments were ink stamped on the headstock back with 5 or 6 digit numbers, the first indicating the year, the following numbers are production numbers.

One of the most highly flamed Gibson's you will ever see. Rare 1948 double pickup ES-300, Blonde Finish, Master Tone knob, Kluson tuners, 17 inch body, and Bigsby added in the 1960s.

The strings ran from a straight-sided simplification of the traditional Gibson headstock at one end to a wraparound bridge/tailpiece unit at the other.

the Melody Maker had a single cutaway slab body style similar to the early Les Paul Junior model but thinner.

Dating this time period of Gibsons is a little difficult especially with the original canisters on the pots making pot dating unavailable.

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