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The Gibson Earls Scruggs banjo model was initiated in 1984.

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In that year, I worked closely with Gibson and Earl Scruggs to bring back the design styles of the early years — a project which was the foundation of the Earl Scruggs model banjos now produced by Gibson.

The most interesting part of the Gibson banjo history transpired between its inception in October 1918, and a time around 1938 (see Chronology of Gibson Banjos) when, in my opinion, the line went through its greatest evolution.

This banjo in the beginning was the developed through the efforts of Roger Siminoff collaborating with both Gibson and Earl.

The tonering was a standard Stewart- Mac Donald ring with a standard Stewart-Mac Donald 3 ply rim.

Although this term normally refers to World War II, when used to describe Gibson banjos the term prewar operationally refers to banjos made prior to 1947.

Production of metal banjo parts was suspended during World War II.

Earl really didn't want a new neck, but, since Jim was such a nice guy, he let him take the banjo home with him after playing Bean Blossom in 71 or 72.

Earl said when Jim brought the banjo back to him in Madison, he opened the case and was not immediately fond of the new neck.

However, small numbers of Gibson banjos continued to be constructed and shipped during the war years using stocks of metal parts remaining in factory bins.

For that reason, Gibson banjos produced between 19 often reflect creativity of shop personnel rather than standard catalog descriptions.

Gibson banjos carry decals, serial numbers and other physical features that can help you learn more about your banjo.

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