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This means, don’t be an asshole and go on and on about yourself throughout the dinner date.The 3 guidelines are written from my personal observations and friends’ (both ladies and gentlemen) sharing.It just means you don’t have to hear me whine any more! After two years of living in Finland, I can safely tell you than Finnish men (while heartbreakingly lovely) are in fact completely insane.

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I complain a lot because I am a woman but he always used to listen to me, whether it was for 10 minutes or 1 hour. All interrogations were carefully picked and crafted and thrown at me very politely after I had stopped talking.

Any question or answer he made was after pausing for a few seconds.

I thought very, very hard about how to make this a complementary, step-by-step foolproof post to “4 Simple Steps to Getting a Finnish Boyfriend”, but it really cannot be done.

This is probably because like ladies all over the world, Finnish ladies are more complicated than Finnish men.

Don’t overdo it, just give him enough to get him to open his mouth.

If you date a Finnish man it might so happen that you learn to ice skate.

Being naked is not something one makes much of a fuss about in Scandinavia. If your man starts beating you with a branch of birch or similar in the sauna he is not trying to abuse you.

It’s merely an old tradition of getting the blood flowing even more in the hot air.

The key difference between “guidelines” and “steps” is that “guidelines” are more general and have to be adapted to each lady.

Steps on the other hand, are more foolproof and “brainless”.

But what I noticed immediately is the importance of staying individual and giving importance to yourself first.

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