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Two days of polite Tinder-chatting with Tinder Oliver* had me prepped and ready to break one of my cardinal rules of dating and meet a PE guy for drinks. (I had cabbed there due to issues with my Prius's tire.) The goodbye starts as a somewhat awkward hug/cheek-ish kiss before he pulls me back in for a "real kiss." Heyo. Him: Downtown/Her: Beverly Hills They say opposites attract, right? I kill some time in the bathroom before kicking back in the lower lounge area. Four hours, four cocktails, and an order of chilled beets with chevre, citrus, and hazelnuts later, Tinder Oliver gives me a ride home.

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Dating 24date

Center St., Anaheim, CA 92805Doors open: pm Concert starts: pm Approx artist sequence: Dulcie Taylor - (45-minute single set)intermission - (15 minutes)Jim Photoglo - (70-minutes single set)Ticket price: $16, Members $13 (Average price about $15)Children: Under 18 free with paid adult - we usually have some children in the audience.

For concert information and reservations call Gary at 714-955-3807 or email [email protected] April 17LIVE AT THE A-FRAME JIM PHOTOGLO11305 Blue Sage Dr.

Ask them to bring a dessert while you supply a variety of appetizers made from what’s in the freezer. Take a Class Together Local community centers often offer free or low-cost classes so find one that interests or challenges you both. Pack a Picnic Make sandwiches or snack foods from your fridge, grab a blanket, and head outside.

Even a Zumba class can be a great bonding experience – or at least a humorous way to spend an evening. Go Fish (Literally) Borrow some fishing poles if you don’t have your own and head out to a catch and release place where a fishing license is not required. Go to the park, the lake, or the backyard and have an old-fashioned picnic. Stargaze Borrow a book about constellations from the library (or use an app on your phone) and set up camp in a dark place to see how many star patterns you can identify.

All I knew was that he was probably a former ski seasonnaire (as his friend knew the Ski Bunny from another ski season) and that he would be wearing grey jeans, and a black polo shirt, and standing in the centre of King’s Cross station.

I’m not gonna lie, I was slightly apprehensive approaching a random stranger under the station departure boards and asking if I had the right first name!

However, being on a debt free quest or making the decision to live frugally can sometimes throw an old monkey wrench in the romantic liaisons department.

While thrifty thinking can change your automatic date instincts it definitely doesn’t mean that all those fun nights together have to end. Just like with most things, when you’re being careful with your money you just need to get a little creative with your plans. It might not sound like a “date” date and it surely isn’t a traditional date idea but the point is to connect with each other. Take your dog out (or borrow your friend’s dog) for a long walk and stop and watch the sunset along the way. Hit a Nature Trail If there is a local park in your area, head for the nature trail for a refreshing hike. Rent the Latest Thriller Head to the local Redbox or rent a movie On Demand to watch an intense movie snuggled up together.

Now, the first thing that I want to make clear is that whilst I’ve called him ‘The One with the Good Sense of Humour’, that isn’t meant to be a polite brush off!

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