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(Yet.) Here are a few tips on how to push him in the right direction.

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I’d like to posit that are only two main emotions that fuel this condition of being upset about a girlfriend’s sexual history: Fear and Judgment.

Put simply, on some level a guy who suffers from retroactive jealousy ocd about his girlfriend’s sexual past is scared of losing her, and this is how his mind / ego is choosing to deal with it.

We decided to go out to Montauk to spend a few quiet days together.

Andrew’s family has a beach house there so it has always been a special place for him and … Here are 20 ways for you to be sure that you have found your soulmate.In a spiritual kind way it is said that the name of your spiritual half was determined much before your birth.Emerald symbolizes hope and the future, renewal and growth.You want high quality images and movies showing women enjoying sexual climax, right?And this spiritual half is your perfect match..soulmate.

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