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“Being gay, you’ll never have that true love like a man and a woman,” Michael says, standing against his truck as Merle Haggard mixes with the backyard whippoorwills. Supreme Court decriminalizing homosexual acts between consenting adults and the Massachusetts high court legalizing same-sex marriage in that state — pushed gays more toward the mainstream than ever.

“Hearing all the songs about a man coming home from work to his wife’s loving arms, you never hear of gay couples like that.” He sets his ratchet down. ” The gay revolution hit the buckle of the Bible Belt with a clang. If the revolution was coming, Oklahoma aimed to stop it.

Twitter can be used directly from the website or by downloading any number of different desktop or cell phone applications.

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Twitter is now mainstream and big time, if you have not heard of Twitter yet you must have been hiding in some deep dark cavern.

Oprah Winfry, Regis Philbin and Ellen De Generis are all talking about Twitter.Flat on his back, staring into the cylinders and bearings, Michael fixes his truck like he wishes he could fix himself. He drove 22 miles to the Barnes & Noble in Tulsa, where the gay books are discreetly kept in the back of the store on a shelf labeled “Sociology.” While the rest of the country is debating same-sex marriage, Michael’s America is still dealing with the basics. Michael loves this place, but can it still be home?“I wake up and I try so hard to look at a girl,” he says. It doesn’t work.” Michael is 17 and gay, though his mother still cries and asks, “Are you sure? It’s just that he doesn’t exactly know how to be gay in rural Oklahoma. What if the preachers and the country music songs are right?Exploits our feelings we are aristocrats at heart by drawing us to intimations of prestige or exclusivity – What is the most powerful thing on earth? [bushwhacking & public humiliation] - Snobbery & Hysteria - Big shots & Competition - If you don't know quite what to say, the other person may be withholding something, trying to make you feel jealous - "Odd. Just think about it, knowing techniques to always have quick-witted comebacks, making people think twice about messing with you. So far this is what I found, also Susan Haden Elgin. " [Link from Yang Man, Senior Member, in chat room] — I'm going to put something on it, I don't know ... Because they can't see the puck when it's in front of them ... The two of us laughed and enjoyed the warm spring weather, until we folded our friendship, and fell back into the machine.Maybe someone could understand this because I'm thinking ... It's as if all of life is a huge machine, characterized by tension.The greater Tulsa phone book has 13 pages of church listings; there are 133 churches alone that begin with the word “First.” One Tulsa church that bills itself as a “hardcore, in-your-face ministry” constructs an elaborate haunted house each Halloween where live actors depict various sins.

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