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Lo propio hizo la actriz, quien únicamente dejó las imágenes del paseo donde está sola. sabiendo que cada uno y yo somos uno solo", escribió filosóficamente en Twiter, quizá dando a entender que ya anda sola.Mientras tanto, Gil está disfrutando de su estadía en Colombia y se la pasa subiendo fotos de lo mucho que está trabajando y también, divirtiéndose, en el país sudamericano.

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I am now able to do more for myself.” These days, Jean’s attention is also focused on her year-old granddaughter Athena Mori. It’s easy to take care of her because she only cries when she’s hungry.

“She calls me Lala or Mama La,” Jean proudly said of her daughter Jennica’s firstborn with husband Alwyn Uytingco. Mori and her parents visit me during weekends.” Jean also has a 14-year-old son, Kotaro, with her Japanese ex-boyfriend. Mori makes me feel younger because I treat her like my own baby.

This show tows a fine line with its comedy and definitely succeeds.

One of the hardest types of comedy is to have someone that is completely obnoxious, but that you still love.

Actress Jean Garcia, who used to go out with men 10 years younger than her, is now interested in dating someone her age—that is, 47 years old.

“I used to find going out with younger men exciting.

“I really thought that he was the one, but I guess God has other plans for me. She explained why she’s happy being loveless for now. I can make decisions without having to consider how another person will feel.

I can go anywhere I want to, make movies any time I wish.

Luego de que Gil se fuera a Colombia a grabar la telenovela La Otra Cara, un refrito de La Usurpadora, junto a Laura Carmine, y que Danna se concentrara en las grabaciones de Qué Bonito Amor, al lado de Jorge Salinas, ambos, supuestamente, decidieron separarse de manera amistosa.

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