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While the character of James Bond was always portrayed as heterosexual, actor Daniel Craig's Bond hinted in "Skyfall" that he may have had sex with a man on one occasion.

Nevertheless, those who have grown up and seen everyone of the 26 Bond Movies over 54 years will morn the passing a really good one this week. 007 Roger Moore dies at 89: "Before Sir Roger became the third actor to play James Bond in the main movie series, he was in several TV shows and movies including The Last Time I Saw Paris, The Saint, Maverick, Ivanhoe and The Persuaders.

I'm a bit reluctant to post pictures of me, but if you behave I'll be happy to show you anything ;) I'm here to have fun with other people and ex...addicted to orgasms!

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After George Lazenby ["On Her Majesty's Secret Service" in 1969 -some say the worst Bond ever] didn't work out as Bond and Sir Sean Connery decided he was finally done with sipping martinis and humping on Bond Girls, Sir Roger made his debut as James Bond in 1973's Live And Let Die. If you didn't already know, amyl nitrite, aka poppers, is used recreationally by gay men.

He played Bond in six more movies (many of which are arguably the best Bond movies) and is the longest-serving 007."About this Poll This week, we would like to know if you use Poppers or if you have tried it in past. It gives you a fast high and it is said to also relax anal muscles.

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According to a recent government survey, instances of bullying occur every seven minutes in the U. Many of us were teased and bullied as children and now we are older it all seems like a distant memory. Bullying doesn't always begin and end inside the four walls of your childhood playground… Bullying is a negative internal behavior; physical, verbal or psychological, displayed by one or more persons towards another.

Also looking for some who is good at describing things an... "I'm here to explore my bisexual tendencies" = ...

I'm new at the brothel so all of you sexy people can find me in the Moonlight Lounge.

I love to be creative, and if you are we will have a good thing going.

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