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“CR7” made some amazing records during his inedible career, especially after his transfer to Real Madrid. In this article we are going to share with you some of amazing facts about Ronaldo.

if you know any other fact about CR7, that we haven’t mentioned, let us know below in comment section, we will include with your name.

so let’s start: Ronaldo Doesn’t drink, smoke and haven’t any tattoos.

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Often ranked the best player in the world and widely regarded as one of the greatest of all time, Ronaldo was named the best Portuguese player of all time by the Portuguese Football Federation, during its 100th anniversary celebrations in 2015.

He is the only player to win four European Golden Shoe awards.

With a resume like this, what else could you want in life?

Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the most popular athlete in the world, and also one of greatest soccer player in history.

He is, after all, a father now with a beautiful girlfriend and all of the accolades in the world to show.

What else is there for the 28-year-old to accomplish?

Throughout his illustrious 11-year career, we’ve seen some truly remarkable moments, amazing highlight plays and, most importantly, stunningly gorgeous women.

There’s no denying that Cristiano Ronaldo has been around the block quite a few times, but only with the cream of the crop.

When Cristiano is going to grow up, I am always always going to say the truth to him because he deserves, because he is my son but I am not going to say because people want me to say,” Cristiano added.

When asked if he will ever tell his son who his mother is, Cristiano said, “Yes…

Speaking of Amazing Facts About Cristiano Ronaldo, Jose Mourinho likened Ronaldo to Marco van Basten, who was the former Holland striker.

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