Creating or updating a dns delegation

Here is a list of popular registrars and instructions on how to delegate your domain through their web portals: Dyn Go Daddy Network Solutions ENOM Hover (Tucows) NOTE: In most cases, logging onto a self-service portal is sufficient to make changes at your domain registrar.

We recommend Windows Server 2016, but the same steps apply if you’re using Windows Server 2012 or 2012 R2 and have Windows Management Framework 5.1 installed.

You will also need a domain administrator account to register the JEA endpoint on the server.

Adprep is a utility that you run to prepare an existing Active Directory (AD) environment for the first DC that runs a newer OS, such as Server 2008 R2. Run adprep /domainprep on each domain's infrastructure master. If you plan to install a read-only DC (RODC -- new in Server 2008), then you also need to run adprep /rodcprep for every domain that will have an RODC.

If you have an AD environment in which all DCs run Server 2008 or Windows 2003, and you want to add the first DC that runs Server 2008 R2, then you need to run certain Adprep commands: 1. The article "The Adprep Process" tells more about this process, which is straightforward enough.

This creates redundancy in the event one Transit Provider has an outage, your DNS queries will still get resolved.

(3) Having 4 distinct options for name resolution allows us to provide you with the fastest and most flexible service.

Still, administrators often have questions: The Microsoft article " Running Adprep.exe" explains all that and more: the utility's general purpose, the process for running the necessary commands, and how to validate the utility's success.

(If you want to review the exact changes that Adprep operations make to prepare an existing AD, see the Microsoft articles " Windows Server 2008: Appendix of Changes to to Support AD DS" and " Windows Server 2008 R2: Appendix of Changes to to Support AD DS." ) When running Adprep, plan for these important factors: If you can prepare for these potential issues and follow the process that the previously mentioned articles describe, you should have no trouble.

For a quick refresher on JEA and the scenario we’re solving for, check out the 6 minute video below.

Before you get started, ensure you have an instance of Windows Server running the Microsoft DNS Server role available to you.

You actually have to tell the registrar where your nameservers are before they can put glue records in place to get your step of the delegation to work.

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