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More Consolidated Travel Group provides access to airfare information through its market leading database and web application, Quikfares.

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Global travel consolidation is the convergence of the components of a managed travel program at a regional level, and is a process used by Corporate Travel Management companies.

In practice, this means leveraging travel volumes and concentrating sourcing with one travel provider, as well as standardizing travel policies, processes and tools.

The study, Meetings, Events, and Travel Programs: Consolidation Drivers and Barriers, sponsored by Lanyon, surveyed more than 200 North American and European Travel Buyers or Travel Intermediaries.

It revealed Buyers with consolidated programs almost all say their travel (96 percent) and meetings (94 percent) programs are consolidated, while less than half say the same of their events program (43 percent).

A well managed travel program ensures cost tracking and control, traveler adherence to corporate policies, realizes savings through negotiated discounts, and serves as a valuable information center for employees and managers.

Financial Benefits Since the cost of travel is a corporation’s second or third largest controllable expense, having experienced travel management professionals manage and negotiate travel-related services provides measurable financial benefits to the corporation.Some consolidator fares require a minimum advance purchase. Travel management is a specialized business function that balances employee needs with your company goals— financial or otherwise.Our dedicated fare loading team pride themselves on being the fastest and most accurate in the industry More One of Consolidated Travel Group's foremost functions is to issue tickets for travel agents on behalf of over 250 airlines throughout Australia.With industry leading technology, staff and travel agents are able to issue tickets anytime and anywhere More Quiktravel is a web based system provided by Consolidated Travel for travel agents.Please be flexible with travel dates and plan early for the best rates!

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