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Use these resources to help you estimate your student loan payments, how much you may need to borrow, and more.

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However, this number can get slightly lower if you qualify for any of their discount loan programs.

The variable interest rate loans currently max out at 8.75%, but are subject to increase with…One of the big fish in the private student loan consolidation game is Wells Fargo.

Wells Fargo also offers extra benefits to its current customers.

The Basics Interest rates currently start at 4.00% for Wells Fargo variable interest rate loan consolidation.

We had recently paid off half our outstanding credit so we could get a better rate and better payment than the $800 payment they were asking for.

Ending up having daughter re-enroll in school and put loans on forbearance.Interest rates currently start at 4.00% for Wells Fargo variable interest rate loan consolidation.With the student loan refinancing market expanding, there are many lenders willing to refinance and consolidate your student loans.So now we have to inconvenience ourselves to show proof the loan was paid in full. Wells Fargo is by far the worst bank to do business with.My husband and I have tried to consolidate my daughter's student loans and were denied.Mission Wells Fargo promotes their loan consolidation to help individuals save money as well as simplify the loan repayment process.

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