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First, it’s important to understand that each of the merging Active Directory environments need to continue serving their own constituents.

Each AD has its own set of users, groups, computers, and other objects that it continues to support (as well as new ones to be added), and everything about these objects is defined in the AD environment.

Seems simple enough but, like all things that are new to me, I wanted to see if people have used it without incident.

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A comprehensive AD inventory combined with access information gives STEALTHbits customers every piece of information they need to ensure they are migrating the right data to the right place without disrupting business functionality or sacrificing security during the process.

Over the last few months, we have seen a lot of our large customers consolidating their domains.

The first component to consolidate is a foundational part of the infrastructure: Active Directory.

Active Directory (AD) environments must be synchronized, integrated and migrated into a new evolved infrastructure. Well, we're going to define three basic and all-important steps. Integrate the Active Directory Environments The first step is to integrate the separate Active Directory instances so that the users in each environment can interoperate as one organization.

Many commercial organizations are operating 50 forests with who knows how many domains.

To date, the most complex environment I have encountered is at a global organization with 138 forests operating on every major release of AD since Windows NT. When AD was first released, it was seen as an extension of Windows Workgroups and was implemented as a departmental, localized solution.Although this is a good use case, the primary drivers for the effort has been 2 other factors. In the recent times, most websites have had to move from maintaining a www and a version of the site to a responsive design. Many customers have realized at this design stage that building a responsive site for each of their different brands or business units would be hard.Instead, it would be easier to have a single website that has the basic frame-work already built in.You may have already completed this action preparing for Day One, in which case, you can skip over this section and go directly to step 2 below.However, it’s more likely that you have just gotten the email directories synchronized, so there is more work to do, and here’s how to proceed.Thanks Frankie G, After seeing this post, I went and tried this on one of my domains at Go Daddy. Do you have any opinion about maybe using the auto-renew features instead?

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