Consolidating data using metadata

A system designer constructs a mediated schema against which users can run queries.The virtual database interfaces with the source databases via wrapper code if required.

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Metadata provides this context, and as a result plays an essential role in the enterprise.

There are two types of metadata - structural and descriptive.

In addition to providing a way to consolidate metadata, a metadata management solution enables businesses to obtain metadata from applications and utilize it in a way to help future application design.

Mule Soft offers solutions to help businesses take advantage of metadata throughout the enterprise.

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After you load a metadata file to an application, users using the application are notified that the system has changed and that they must log off from the application and log back on.Metadata management gives businesses insight into their data, allowing them to provide better user experience for the future.With a metadata management solution, businesses can consolidate data, making it easier to access for future use and ultimately promotes reuse.Data integration appears with increasing frequency as the volume and the need to share existing data explodes.Figure 2: Simple schematic for a data-integration solution.Finding a better approach to MDM is a critical need for all industries, but particularly the mortgage industry.

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