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This system exists in all developed countries of the world.

Upon entry of goods into the warehouse, the importer and warehouse proprietor incur liability under a bond.

The programs implements our proprietary system drive by our Plan for Every Part Methodology, with on-site staff for launch and ongoing operations.

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One of the many benefits of working with over 900 global suppliers is access to any “C” class commodity or fastener your business needs.

If you fasten with it, we’ll source it at the highest quality and a competitive price per part. Field currently sources over 120,000 different SKUs for over 175 VMI programs in 25 countries, while maintaining an impressive 99.8% customer on-time delivery average and 99.96% of orders shipped correctly.

We utilize thousands of global suppliers and manufacturers to have access to millions of different "C" class commodities and fasteners – both domestic and import, standard and custom.

For the highest quality and the best pricing, and whether you’re looking to consolidate vendors or let us provide expertise in a specific category, we’ve got options.

We partner with a group of preferred secondary processors throughout Wisconsin and the U. Electro-platings, dip spin and mechanical coatings include variations of black oxide, zinc, manganese, magni and more.

Waxing can help installation and removal of fasteners.

It may be managed by the state or by private enterprise.

In the latter case a customs bond must be posted with the government.

Simply put: One source for procurement and management of all your MRO Commodities.

The program will build up, optimize and leverage your supply base.

Our inventory management solutions give manufacturers the ability to consolidate and simplify the management of class c components and selected commodities.

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