Conervative dating sight

Don't you just hate it when you're on a first date and your prospective partner starts gushing about Justin Trudeau's political prowess or regulating the banking industry?

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Pat Benatar first performed the hit song “Love Is A Battlefield” in 1983.

Coming off one of the most divisive presidential elections in American history, the song’s message is even more true today.

Age 54 De Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania - En ligne Maintenant Femme recherche Homme (5900 de Kilomètres) I would describe myself as a great mother and friend. I am also fiercely loyal to my children and family.

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I grew up in West Los Angeles, have lived around the world and came back to So Cal a few years ago.

Not sure I like many of the people here, but the weather is great and there's a lot...

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A..NO, I'm not a feminazi..** I have no idea why my 3 pics haven't been approved?

For just .99 a month, you can find your conservative soulmate.

Goss told the Observer that he was motivated to create the site after noticing how his politically-minded friends had trouble finding love, particularly if their views didn’t match up with those of their date.

He was inspired to create the site after hearing about Bernie, geared toward Sanders supporters during the heated the Democratic presidential primaries.

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