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“The best way to develop a healthy line of communication is to start from day one.” Want to shoot the other person a quick message to tell them you had a great time on your date?

Here are four instances to watch out for when it comes to your means of communication: Plan dates over the phone There’s a time and a place for texts, emails and social media, but it’s not when planning dates early in your relationship.

“Ultimately, relationships are built on communication,” said Julie Lopez, head of matchmaking at It’s Just Lunch.

With so many methods of communication these days, it can be tough to know how you should contact someone once you’re interested in them.

It can be easier to text, email, tweet, or write on their Facebook wall, but are there times when you really should pick up the phone and call?

Although dating relationships vary in levels of satisfaction, commitment, and duration, they share general patterns of development, intensification, and dissolution.

These commonalities stem from the fact that both gender and dating are social constructions enacted through communication.

Use the Subject Header as a Filter If you can't think of anything to say in your profile subject header that many sites require, then use it as a filter. She has already clearly stated in her profile the type of person she wants to communicate with.

Yet some men apparently don't know how to read when it comes to profiles.

In this forum video, our "expert" panel of single, dating and married individuals with SCI share their experiences with post-injury dating and relationships.

Click here to watch this video on You Tube with or without closed-captioning.

If you are in the market to find true love online, there are several things you may want to know about improving the communication process.

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