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An XML processor parses the contents of a document and makes the elements, together with their attributes and content, available to the application, so it is also referred to as an XML parser.In case you haven't met the term before, a parser is just a program module that breaks down text in a given language into its component parts.Schema processing is done in parallel with parsing, by use of a SAX-like pipeline.

A natural language processor would have a parser that identifies the grammatical segments in each sentence.

A compiler has a parser that identifies variables, constants, operators, and so on in a program statement.

I assume that in the second case (validation of the output using an XMLReader) you were using the Xerces schema validator rather than the Saxon schema validator.

There's no intrinsic reason to expect two different validators to report the same errors.

This section provides answers to frequently answered questions, i.e. Q.s frequently, as addressing questions that have been answered in the past already again and again places an unnecessary burden on the committers/contributors. String encoding = "ISO-8859-1"; File Output Stream fos = new File Output Stream("result.xml"); Output Stream Writer osw = new Ouput Stream Writer(fos, encoding); Marshaller marshaller = new Marshaller(osw); Encoding(encoding); ... According to the w3c, the “xml” prefix should never be declared.

questions that have been asked repeatedly on one of the mailing lists. The issue occurs with newer versions of Xerces than the version 1.4 that ships with Castor. For some reason, when the newer version of Xerces encounters an “xml” prefixed attribute, such as “xml:lang”, it tries to automatically start a prefix mapping for “xml”. The reason it started appearing in the new Castor (, is because of a switch to SAX 2 by default during unmarshaling.

Notice, for example, that none of the ID related errors were caught when validating during transformation.

I can provide a stylesheet and source XML if necessary, but I thought I would start at a higher level first before we get deeper.

XSLT is such an extensive topic that there are several books devoted entirely to it.

The first step we should do is to learn how to parse and print a simple XML document using both DOM and SAX.

At first I thought about disabling namespace processing in Xerces, but then realized that it’s already disabled by default by Castor … Unmarshaller unm = new Unmarshaller(...); Resolver(cdr); Each properties file overrides the previous.

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