Colonial dating

Fredericksburg's first coffee house was in business soon after the town was founded in 1728. Susannah (Sukey) Livingston, a widow, who also served as a local "doctress." Her busy, if Spartan, establishment was on Sophia Street near the Rappahannock River wharf along with other wooden buildings which housed warehouses and a tavern.

Colonel William Byrd, the aristocratic Virginian who was a devotee of the famous London coffee houses, met Susannah Livingston at her Fredericksburg coffee house in 1732.


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"Though this be a commodious and beautiful location for a town, with the advantage of a navigable river and wholesome air, yet the inhabitants are very few.

Besides Colonel Willis, who is the top man of the place, there are only one merchant, a tailor, a smith, an ordinary-keeper and a lady, Mrs.

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(For details see the article Old Style and New Style dates).

The Latin equivalents, which are used in many languages, are stili veteris (genitive) or stilo vetere (ablative), abbreviated st.v.

and respectively meaning "Old Style" (OS) and "New Style" (NS) are sometimes added to dates to identify which date corresponds to an OS calendar that was used prior to a NS calendar.

This article is about the 18th-century changes in calendar conventions used by Great Britain and its colonies, together with a brief explanation of usage of the term in other contexts. S.) are terms sometimes used with dates to indicate that the calendar convention used at the time described is different from that in use at the time the document was being written.


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