Coffeyville nasty

But when her daughter Laura, pictured here, got upside down in her stock car, it was too much. It is quite unlikely she will be joining Laura, also known as the Dutchess of the Dirt, next month at the Boone Nationals!

You should have seen the first few laps of his Night of 1000 Stars at Hancock County (Iowa) Speedway on August 11, 2011.

He started the 35 fastest IMCA mods, three deep for 50 laps. After 25 laps, the race was stopped for exactly ten minutes, before resuming.

Teams were allowed to come on to the frontstretch and do whatever they wanted to the cars in that time. Were the air guns, tires, fuel cans, and wrenches ever flying then!

This young man just started driving his Factor 1 Jr Sprint this season and has already brought home the WIN!! He is a very smooth driver and his crew has the setup down pat. This young man is going to be hard to beat any where he goes. Jason Tyer Topped the Driven Midwest NOW600 North Texas Region Friday night at RPM Speedway to score his first victory in NOW600 North Texas competition. Jayton Brown's parents just bought him a used Factor 1 Jr Sprint.

A night full of “winged warriors” atop the three-eighths mile clay oval. (May 22, 2017) – Auto racing and the Memorial Day weekend have gone hand-in-hand in the United States for many years.

The long-suffering Iowan mom has tried to be accommodating to her race-obsessed family.

Ryan Timms' parents purchased Ryder La Plantes Jr Sprint this year and has the little Jr Sprint looking great with a new lettering design. He has a great family supporting him and has been doing a fantastic job in the car. Brian traveled to Harrah, OK to run the OK Corrall Indoor Short Track.

Ryan has been doing a great job driving and his pit crew has his car set up to go to the front. This weekend at Creek County Speedway was his time to shine. He was able to qualify for the front row of the feature and when the green flag dropped, he took off on the bottom and never gave up the lead!

Found old Nat register in working but bad shape I love in Omaha and have no idea how much restoration cost or if it's even worth it it's a 1000 model serial # S680072 1086 I know it was factory rebuilt because of the S before the # I am an I. It includes an NCR model 852-xx register (Ser # 2228896), which my wife purchased at a yard sale. I am sure as I get further into this register it is very likely other things will come up that need replacing.

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