Coffee shop dating

It is probably safe to say that there are no two famous humans whose dating lives are as prone to speculation as Taylor Swift’s and Drake’s.

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A few minutes later, Ben gets up to buy a coffee, and I turn to the woman sitting on his other side.

“Well, her album was called , so I’m pretty sure she’s 27,” says Ben. “Well, I don’t really know, but if I had to flip a coin, I’d say it’s a publicity stunt,” says Ben.

Over the course of about an hour, I learned about her boyfriend who cheated on her and the boy she is currently “maybe seeing, but [she’s] not sure.

He’s strange.” I noticed her doing something that I have done with past relationships, current relationships, and (hopefully not) future relationships: making excuses.

So it’s just like your dream that you’d find love through a spontaneous meet-cute over a cup of coffee. Match recommends giving your ‘selffee’ to someone you like the look of.

Because nothing says ‘date me’ like ‘HERE’S A COFFEE, DRINK MY FACE.’ The coffee’s all free, so even if you don’t meet someone you fancy you’ll at least have free caffeine to keep you going in the pit of loneliness.

” Matchmaker Café in New York City’s Financial District serves up a little something extra for its patrons – a shot at finding love.

Less than a month old, the pop-up café lets single customers browse potential dating matches on an i Pad as they leisurely sip their lattes.

And then you can start a conversation when you get back from the bathroom/getting some napkins that you didn’t really need. (They’re there.) Lean over to the person you want to pick up and, in a conspiring manner, ask them: “Do you think that’s a first date?

(Trust me: they’ll notice you.) Then casually offer them a section (or the whole thing) when you’re done.

It’s also the physical outpost for the service’s online dating app, which launched last November and offers in-person introductions by a matchmaker, according to .

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