validating the application of occupancy sensor networks for lighting control - Cliper dating

To run ENSO-CLIPER to get a forecast based upon current conditions, one must have an updated copy of two files from the U. Climate Prediction Center: "sstoi.indices" and "soi". The files are available from their web site at CPC.

Both files must start with the year 1950 and are monthly values.

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All efforts to date have been built around proprietary standards that reinforce the silos often found in education.

This makes it nearly impossible for the educator, student or institution to see a truly holistic view of what is happening in the teaching and learning environment.

This data promises to provide new insights into how particular learning interactions relate to learning outcomes.

Using this data, educators can: The potential of learning analytics to innovate and shape education are found in the widespread collection and display of the data by online learning environments and other learner activity data collected by many institutions.

In this regard it can be seen as the next step upwards for a commodity-trader from the Lakon Type-9, carrying significantly more cargo and able to hold multiple fighters in its hangar.

Being as it was one of the largest vessels in the space lanes and carried more cargo than any other freighter, it was also regarded as one of the slowest and most lumbering vessels yet capable of turret mounting planetary bombardment class weaponry that could destroy most enemies in a single well-placed shot.

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Since many curriculums ask students to work in multiple learning environments, there is a widespread need for data, that can be consolidated for a single view or cross-provider analysis.

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