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See the relevant debug output in the attachment, once documenting a failing connection attempt (using the public, NATted IP of the peer in the '15.3(2)T2.

The peer is an ASA (version & config unknown so far, but I'm sure the other engineer didn't set anything up using a private address in his config, despite my router sitting behind NAT, too).

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Cisco vpn validating identity Herma cams

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ASDM validates the intermediate CA cert, but fails at validating the client cert: that where the error occurs- on a successful authentication, instead of the error there would be a record about the Clients certificate's credentials (when not authenticating with a smart card). If you need to see a full log then i can give it.thanks!

Looking at the ASA debugging everything goes smooth until a weird error pops: CRYPTO_PKI(make trusted Certs list)CRYPTO_PKI: Found suitable tp CRYPTO_PKI:check_key_usage: Extended Key Usage OID = Key Usage check OK CRYPTO_PKI: Certificate validation: Failed, status: 1823CRYPTO_PKI: PKI Verify Certificate Check Cert Revocation unknown error 1823CRYPTO_PKI: PKI Verify Certificate error. CRYPTO_PKI: Storage context released by thread CERT API CRYPTO_PKI: Certificate not validated CRYPTO_PKI: Invalid cert.

But if i am using the hostnames in the ASA instead of IP Address [ in the tunnel group config in ASA ] then can we configure "crypto isakmp identity dn" on the remote end (router) and make it work ?

I have remote VPN set up on ASA 5505 9.0(1), device manager 7.0.(2).

This sample chapter defines virtual private networks (VPNs) and explores fundamental Internet Protocol Security (IPSec) technologies.

This chapter also covers IPSec crypto components, an overview of IKE, IPSec security, and a certificate authority (CA) support overview.

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Toni, Problem with identity is that it's an encrypted packet (in MM exchange) thus cannot be changed in transit, plus a host cannot know reliably it's external IP address (it can make some assumptions but it would not know how long it's valid for).

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