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But what you can see here is, there are some specific things that at least have demonic influence as the source, on some occasions. There are some severe sicknesses – obviously, not all sickness – but there are some severe sicknesses, according to Matthew , that were untreatable by conventional medicine. He’s a high-profile guy in his church, and he finally just came clean. No one would dream I’m addicted to porn.” And then, he said, “Here are the things that are happening in my life.” You’ve gotta repent. You’ve gotta agree with God that’s wrong, and then claim 1 John 1:9. And if that’s the case, then I would listen up real carefully. You know, I’m gonna please my mate, or, I’ll sit through this thing, and somewhere along the journey, God’s been speaking to you. And what you realize is, you don’t have the protection of the Holy Spirit. It might be that you’re a shopaholic, and you’re trying to solve deep, emotional problems by buying, buying, buying. You might be on a track, here, of believing, When we get the kitchen remodeled, when we can finally get the bigger home . That means that 96% - All these resources that God has, that He wants to set loose to set people free . The average evangelical believer is way more committed to making sure that that server, that waitress or that waiter, gets between 10 to 15% after you have a meal than you are that the God of the universe gets back a portion of what He gave you. Bye, bye, so long, farewell, boo-doo-doo-doo, bye, bye, so long – ?

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What do you do when you suspect someone you know is under demonic influence? Should you do anything at all, or is this kind of thing reserved for the “professionals? here, at Dallas Seminary, he has what he calls a “continuum of demonic influence.” Over here, on this far level of beginning stages, he talks about, first, there is just oppression. Where I came from, “This is how to cast a spell,” and, “Warlocks meet here,” and, “I wanna learn how to channel,” and, “Would you tell me my –” All kinds of babbling. You know, just for laughs.” And they get sucked in that way. They have an issue in their life, and they don’t repent of it, and they don’t deal with it, and they become enslaved to it. Just so you know, there’s biblical basis for how demonic influence can infiltrate not just the life of unbelievers, but believers. Access, association with those in satanic activity . Now, in the New Testament, how do you know if something is demonic? And let me say, there’s a verse behind each one, as we look at these. We’re not saying that something is, always, but obviously, you say, “Okay, let’s evaluate all the physical factors.” When something weird is happening, go to a doctor and get a great physical and make sure it’s not there. I remember a time seeing this – we had a guy demonized, and I was preaching. And at first, we just thought we was drunk – and his eyes were this big – and people started to hold him, and – Bang! For an unbeliever, here’s the first step: Accept Christ. John says, “As many as receive Him” – Jesus – “to him He gives the right to become children of God, as many as call upon His name.” You may be here, at a place like this – maybe your wife wanted you to come, your husband wanted you to come, or your parents invited you, or you invited your parents . So, the first step is in no way to fight demonic spirits.

” Join Chip as he tackles the important and controversial subject of deliverance ministries. And then, you move from that to harassment, to obsession, to, then, compulsion, to control. In John : When you yield to sin, you become a slave to it. And then, you’ve got to evaluate: What are my circumstances in stress and emotion? The first step is for you to admit that you need Jesus, to believe that when He died on the cross, He paid for your sin, and for you to turn away, have a change of mind about your old life, and your old living – that’s all “repent” means – and ask Jesus come into your life, and forgive you for your sins.

Walter Jackson has a rep in Atlanta for being a playboy. Her face is pretty cause her features line up well...her skin needs work...

Yeah I agree Walter whomever the hell he is is NOT all that and the young girl probably just sees $$$$$, when she tires of him he'll come crawling back to Kenya and I'd use him for his $$$ and nothing more. It’s the largest and best club for seeking CEOs, pro athletes, doctors, lawyers, investors, entrepreneurs, beauty queens, fitness models, and Hollywood celebrities. @Tori Did you notice on one of the comments that someone was trying to say that chick w/ Walter was you? I know from your comments alone that old ass Walrus Walter would never ever be your type.I reached out to Walter's alleged boo Christon to see if she would grant Real Reality Gossip an exclusive interview but unfortunately, she declined.I guess we will just have to wait and see how this one pans out! Walter Jackson, the man Kenya Moore has moved to the ATL for on "Real Housewives of Atlanta to get him to marry her, has been spotted with another chick lately. She's a cute girl..nothing extraordinary...SORRY her BUTT is not what got him cause it's an average butt. Keep it classy ladies, don't do the typical black woman thing and pit against each other. I also uploaded my hot photos on --------------under the name of jeff1098.. ds6yr Well I heard WANDERING WALTER was up at Phillips Plaza in the A, buying that SAME PYT a pair of expensive Prada pumps and he had his hands ALL OVER HER, I guess he's just lookin for sum FUN and not a BABYMAMA! Christon showed folks that basketball game pic wasn't just a fluke by posting another pic of her and a Gucci hat wearing Walter sharing some kisses (above). Whee asked about Walter stepping out with other women--like she was asked on "The Wendy SHow" last week--Kenya just says e have to watch to see what happens. Meanwhile, Christin showed off her curves in her Instagram pics--since we all know, thanks to Kenya who made it known on this season's premiere, that he's a sucker for a big booty. The chick looks like Ashanti in the first two pics with him kissing on her.And that is a wonderful way to become truly better acquainted and not just hormonally driven for to follow the Worship Time.

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