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Interviews ongoing but no formal suspects named yet.”Ald.

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As a career woman, if you feel you should stay in Hong Kong to complete your assignment, that is what you need to do.

DEAR ABBY: I am responding to the letter from “Unsure in the West” (Oct. You advised that you “see nothing wrong with what she did” in opening a box in a grocery store and eating some of the contents before paying at the checkout.

presents unforgettable profiles in courage, as three former street criminals in Chicago place themselves in the line of fire to protect their communities.

The two-hour film follows the lives of these “Violence Interrupters,” who include the charismatic daughter of one of the city’s most notorious former gang leaders, the son of a murdered father, and a man haunted by a killing he committed as a teenager.

13, 2015, about the new insurance startup company, a subsidiary of United Health Group, being launched in Chicago.

Behind him are Chief Experience Officer Ryan Armbruster, center, and Chief Marketing Officer Jeff Shoemate.

Even though she’s a high school freshman, the 15-year-old wanted to watch some junior high basketball games with a relative Saturday. The next time Reginald King said he saw her, it was on a Facebook Live recording — and she was being sexually assaulted by as many as six attackers. She’s pulled toward the bed," King said of the video, which at one point was drawing about 40 viewers. It’s not right."It wasn't until Tuesday morning that the girl was reunited with her mother and taken to a hospital, where she was examined for injuries, he said.

The girl disappeared shortly after he dropped her back home later Sunday.

(Abel Uribe / Chicago Tribune) Chicago-area residents who buy health plans on the federal online insurance marketplace will see some new options for 2016 that are a sign of where health care is headed.

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