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A British teenager was sentenced to eight months in jail yesterday for indecent exposure on the Greek island of Rhodes as the authorities continued to crack down on the lewd behaviour of holidaymakers.

Mrs Brake said: "It has all come as a complete surprise. She is a very sensible girl."Tina Wells, 18, a friend, said: "Jenna is a total party girl but I cannot believe they have arrested her for it. She would just want to be having fun."Gunning was found guilty on charges of indecent exposure and of provoking public morals.

She earlier spent the night in a police cell after being arrested in her changing room, minutes after being voted "Miss Bottom" in a contest involving six other British women.

George Economou, the Rhodes chief prosecutor who was also on the bench at yesterday's court hearing, told her: "You and your associates must realise that this kind of behaviour cannot go on indefinitely.“We had a small church but now we built a bigger one who can host lot more people.We are about 2,000 Greek families here who are in different business’ from doctors and casino managers to Strip-club owners and scientists,” adds the Greek-American whose family comes from Evia Greece."The one from Argilos is the oldest example to date from northern Greece and is truly unique." [See Photos from the Portico Excavation at Argilos] Perreault is a co-director of the dig at Argilos, which was strategically located just west of the Struma River, an area dotted with ancient gold and silver mines.Researchers think the city was founded around 655 B.C., making it perhaps the earliest Greek colony on the Thracian coast. C., but went into decline shortly after, when the nearby city Amphipolis was founded as an Athenian outpost. C., Philip II of Macedon conquered the region and deported the residents of Argilos to Amphipolis.

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