Scheming Mind is an online correspondence chess club.

The most important aspects in which correspondence chess differs significantly from 'over the board' chess are time controls, analysis method and the social exchange of messages with friends and strangers from all over the world.


Of course we take care of the pretty petite, firm perky little tits, tight asses and wet tiny pink slits for you as well!

We listen to you and our other members for feedback and bring you all of the stunning faces, massive round tits, stacked juicy asses and the pinkest creamy tight pussies!

It will offer you the opportunity to play for free for as long as you need to fully evaluate our service, and finally to decide if it's worth the modest annual membership fee we ask from all our established members to cover our running costs (there is a scholarship program available for those who are unable to contribute this fee but wish to participate in the club).

Scheming Mind is not a commercial organisation, all our staff contribute their time voluntarily, and you will never see unsightly syndicated advertising on our pages.

The only thing you are asked not to use are chess-playing computer programs.

This mode of play makes correspondence chess attractive for many kinds of players: You can decide yourself how much time and effort you want to put into your games.

Correspondence games usually last for several weeks or months, (even in some cases!

), and while you contemplate your move, you are free to set up a chessboard and move the pieces around, or consult a book.

Welcome to Scheming Mind Correspondence Chess Club, where you can play correspondence chess and chess variants against 415 active chess players from all around the world!

If you are already a member, you can log on to the site by entering your username and password in the boxes to the left. In that case we invite you to try out our service free for an introductory period, we encourage you to register for a free trial membership of fifty games.

Karup's Private Collection is updated 5 times every week.

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