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The three-year-old boy was wearing nothing but rubber boots when he was found in Prince George on a cold Wednesday morning.

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If the shoot is agreed upon to be a TF, or TFCD the work belongs to both parties.

So please, if you only release photos to the model if she signs your contracts advise her PRIOR to the shoot; to avoid any discrepancies. WHERE YOU MIGHT SEE ME Magazine Cover Model for Lifestyle Flame Magazine Anthony Tullo - country music video to the song; ten seconds to sundown.

I am modeling part time, so only paid assignments please.

I am optimistic, friendly and very passionate about staying healthy & have a very active lifestyle. I have tried many adventurous things in my life but some that have grasped my attention to this day would be: boxing, dirt biking, traveling, snow boarding, scuba diving, golfing, horse back riding, drumming, 4-wheeling, ballroom dancing and yes modeling. I graduated as an Architectural Technologist, that said I do have photo visions.

Thank you to everyone who supported me, I took home the Miss London Ontario crown and sash and will be a title holder until sep 2017!

I encourage you to take a look through my portfolio.

His open flirting with the president of Russia, Putin, may cause a third world war.

Imagine Trump being close to that red button that can be pushed to ignite nuclear weapons. His temperament may cause him to push that button because he doesn't understand diplomacy or working together to solve a problem.

But as the TV-watching world will soon witness, Coffee made her hardest slog on an episode of “Naked and Afraid,” the Discovery Channel survival show that drops a pair of strangers into the exotic wilderness minus their clothing, then films them barbecuing snakes and crafting coconut-shell brassieres with their naughty bits blurred out.

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