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The chatbot was launched by American Artist, who had this to say in their artist statement: The project is named after Sandra’s eponymous video series “Sandy Speaks”, which was a politically-engaged series of cell phone videos that Sandra filmed and released periodically over social media in the months prior to her arrest. In “Sandy Speaks” Sandra expressed her views on police brutality, the Black Lives Matter campaign, and offered insight on how Black people of color should feel towards antagonism created by law enforcement.

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The chatbot can also add cross-promotions into the discussion and ask if you'd like beer and chips included in your ticket package.

That's a simple user experience scenario, but things are always more complex from an application-development perspective.

Der Bot Neunmalklug spricht mit dir über alle möglichen Themen.

Er lernt während des Dialoges von seinem Partner, indem er ihm Fragen stellt.

In fact, you think about asking it to snap your family portrait.

Emerging from the once-dreaded — now, dare I say, beloved — DMV, you glance at your watch, marveling at the speedy service.

KAR Intelligent Computer© (Katia Automatische Intelligente Roboter Computer©) ist ein Computerprogramm mit 2 Hauptfunktionen: 1.

Es ermöglicht Unternehmen, ihre Energiekosten und Kohlenstoff-Fußabdruck ihrer IT-Infrastruktur drastisch zu reduzieren (- 48%). Es ist ein Human Machine Interface basiert auf künstlicher Intelligenz für Behinderte, die mit Kopfbewegungen, Lupe, Text-to-Speech, Haustechnik, Automatische Ausführung, Spracherkennung am Computer arbeiten können.

However, even more so, our chat room has become more active than ever, with several people who chat on a regular basis.

This has come to a point to where I believe we need a chat bot, and I am looking at a program by a Wikia user named sactage. This chat bot allows us to have logs of the entire chat room and notify banned/blocked users on their talk page.

It’s the dawdling sloth of civic systems, a poster child of institutional languor. It confirms your new address, reads your check, and spits out registration stickers in seconds — and did I mention it actually wishes you a nice day?

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