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However, when you choose to do your hedge cutting will have a profound effect on its growth, whether evergreen or deciduous.This is because, in effect, you are pruning each hedging plant and, according to when and how you prune, this will either stimulate or restrict growth. To prune means to cut back and therefore to restrict.

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Help the little ball get to the top of the world by correctly typing uppercase letters, lowercase letters and numbers as quickly as you can!

While speed gets you to the top faster, you can relax and take your time as well.

And, of course, be prepared to deal with the fallout should your spouse catch you snooping.

It goes without saying that following these tips demonstrates a breach of trust between married partners, something that should not be undertaken lightly. Look at the incoming and outgoing calls on your spouse's cell phone. I haven’t but he on the other hand is constantly deleting history, cache, cookies, a million email accts and I’m the crazy one.

Anyone dubious of their spouse's faithfulness should be aware that the technology gadgets they use every day may harbor information on what they’ve been up to.

Before crawling through their personal information, we advise consulting an attorney to ensure any electronic-eavesdropping or hacking laws aren't violated—if things get ugly, you don’t want that hanging over your head.

Only the unlimited final round requires speedy typing!

If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware.

But plants are not passive: they respond to the weather, climate, soil and damage in the way that will most benefit their survival and reproduction.

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