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Sign up for Updates with Chatwith God Please pray my boyfriend getz over being in panic, I see him as a really good guy who needs a real nice woman like me to be his he found me,he kno how much I love him but I want if God see fit I want him to be closer to me. he will see the good union we are made for each other I pray God eyes to kno how much I love him. I used to be able to bounce back but I cannot anymore. Please pray for me,have a big abcess in my mouth,soreness &it is swollen the dr.refuse to do any surgery in my mouth becuz I have epilepsy he said it very dangerous,they will not do any surgery on my mouth. I am up in age why can't I find some man who will love me? Ilove a man so much,yet he has hurt me in the fact he has hurt my feelings he now ignores me laugh behind my back we were happy he has a new girl I would guess please help me get my life together. pray for my mother,brother,sister and our children's happy,healthy,peaceful life and pray for protection from selfish relatives and enemies. pray for my brother's financial growth in his business.please please pray for me and my . Yes, Lord please look the student studying for law school God bless her abundantly Please touch my boyfriend to get a better position,help him to be able to be the head ¬ the tail,we want to be happy be for the things of the Lord prayerfull,loving build a real love for those in need ijn. She is a first year law student and suffers from Generalized Anxiety Disorder.

I'm praying to God for a fruit of my womb for the greatest blessing a woman can ever have.. Well, I know God can do anything but fail I need prayer for this bad tooth to just fall out. I pray for motivation, purpose in Christ and joy of the Lord in my life, my family and for you. please pray for me, God send me a guy who will be a good man a good lover a friend to me a man who loves a woman who will be there for him, I want my life even in my age I need a good loving caring husband,thankyou God. Greetings...believing in the power that God endowed upon you... pray for my brother's financial growth in his business.please please pray for me and my family. She has an exam tomorrow that will determine if she passes a class and can stay in law school.

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