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Check out of the hotel in Chengdu around in the morning.

First, we will drive you to visit the Jinsha Site Museum, where you can explore the history of Sichuan Province.

30.684882, 104.082044, at least 3 shops with HJ, BJ or FS (100-150 RMB). Wow Pappa you have done it again, this is a gold mine. Not liking the reports on the prices though but I guess I will have to see. She was very tall as its hard to find the tall girl for me. After few song she did put her hand inside and stroked it. I could see she was into me and wanted to take her out. I think I dance with her for 10-12 songs till the bar closed. I was using translator and find very difficult to chat on QQ. It was very difficult to communicate due to language barriers.

30.685731, 104.083846, one famous shop with FS (150 RMB). Deep French kissing- lot of touching and cock teasing. Also there was communication issue so I have to use the translator to communicate with her. I know a place, its a disco place, name jellyfish, its around Sichuan university. The time was around 12 or 1 am and she was with their friends in KTV. OK they are beauties, but 500 rmb to do that in that kind of place, no thank you. Enjoy & thanks Papa Schlumpf once again for sharing.

Lunch is at your own expense, and you can ask our guide for advice on a good restaurant.

After that, our guide will transfer you to the Dujiangyan Scenic Area to see the Irrigation System.Now, aside from the joy of living in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Tianjin, Chongqing, Hong Kong, Dongguan, Chengdu, Hefei or elsewhere in China...hopefully you can find love there too.Chn "The purpose of this site is to help you to meet a beautiful, decent and sincere Chinese woman for love, romance, relationship and more!Try to visit Jinli Street at night, the bars and cafés along this charming street provide you with a different atmosphere from that found in the city.If you seek something light after a long tiring day, Sichuan Opera and karaoke (KTV) are good alternatives. The crowd here is very friendly, so try to chat with them and they will usually be receptive and invite you to join their group or offer a drink.Located in Wuhou district on Shao Ling Lu 88 hao, Club 88 is the most famous club in Chengdu.

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