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Under certain circumstances the certificate can be suspended or cancelled as outlined here Need providers for CEP services?

To obtain a Certificate of Suitability to the monographs of the European Pharmacopoeia (CEP), applicants must send in electronic format the following documentation to the Certification of Substances Division (DCEP) of the EDQM: Upon receipt, the application is validated and listed for assessment.

This policy applies to all CEP’s for which the date of renewal is from 1 January 2006.

For those CEP’s, which have already been renewed, a new renewal is not necessary provided the dossier is in compliance with the current legislation.

Manufacturers or suppliers needing or wanting to apply for a marketing authorization for: is facilitating and simplifying exchanges between the partners to ensure that the quality of substances is guaranteed and that these substances comply with the European Pharmacopoeia and therefore the requirements of EU directives for medicines. Find here application dossier (and any updates) at the manufacturing/distribution sites.

Inspections are carried out as team inspections by official inspectors from the competent supervisory authorities. ’s website and all the authorities concerned, necessary action regarding related marketing authorization(s) (MA) is taken, – the holder has to inform all their customer(s), – suspension ends only when the company takes satisfactory corrective actions and the implementation, – corrective actions is confirmed by a re-inspection.

The decision on which information to make public is taken by the medicines regulatory authority in the EU Member State that adds the information to the database.

​Please update your contact information if your phone numbers or email change.

To ensure the official timelines are met, the EDQM implements a strict procedure for assessment of CEP applications.

The evaluation of new applications is handled with three rounds of assessment.

This field is for your preferred number that you would like to be contacted in the event of a school-hour or non-school-hour emergency.

This number be called for general autocall notifications/announcements; it will only be called for emergency autocalls and weather announcements.

These statements aim to establish a coordinated and harmonized response by the network of European Union (EU) medicines regulators.

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