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The area is close to Banbhoolpura, which is Muslim dominated, and on the banks of the Gola river.The locals have, however, denied that the place was ever used as a graveyard by them, leading to speculation that the skeletons could be much older.

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In 1974, as that engine created a stir in the USAs federal government, I began dreaming of changing the energy industry.

In that same year, I had my cultural and mystical awakenings.

As I scanned the headlines that fateful morning, I felt a chill go down my spine and my blood run cold.

I read, re-read then read it again, shaking with disbelief as a terrifying and sinister thought began to emerge: they were talking about us. As an archaeological Projects Director, I pride myself on being on the right side of what’s loftily known as ‘the public understanding of science’, so reading about the ‘SEVEN FOOT hell hound with flaming eyes’ we had apparently discovered at Leiston Abbey knocked me for six.

How on earth did this happen, how could we contain it, and was this the end of any shred of archaeological credibility I would ever have?

Devil Dogs are a recurring storytelling motif common to communities all over the world.

Norway plans to build the world's first tunnel for ships.

A 5,610-feet passageway burrowed through a piece of rocky peninsula will allow vessels to avoid a treacherous part of sea.

One theory is that the remains belong to the Rohilla chieftains from Bareilly who fought against the British in 1857 and were killed by the British army.

Another theory says that the remains could be of those who died of epidemics, malaria or famine.

The victims had volunteered to help a friend make wine at his vineyard in the northern Ardeche region and had climbed into the six-foot wide vat to begin the traditional process of extracting the juice from the grapes.

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