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We understand that there are some school districts in California that don’t end instruction/finals until after 10 June.

We apologize – these were the only dates we were able to reserve the facilities we need for the encampment.

Under certain conditions specified in the law, libraries and archives are authorized to furnish a photocopy or other reproduction.

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This is to allow the Youngstown Air Reserve Station to conduct a basic background check prior to admitting you entrance to the base.

The following dates are available for Calendar Year 2017 (times are pm to pm): Please be as accurate as possible - this information is required to grant you clearance onto the base.

In addition to this, we also seek to prepare our Senior NCOs to take that next big step and pursue their Billy Mitchell Award, earning the honor and responsibility that comes along with Cadet Officership.

Students must be prepared to submit a cover letter stating why they wish to attend SNCOS (written in accordance with “The Business Style Letter” format in the CAPP 1-2); professional resume; a full-length photo (JPEG format) wearing the short-sleeve blues uniform combination with ribbons, no flight cap (tie or tie tab is preferred), in addition to your CAPF 31, 160, 161, and 163 (163 only required for cadets under the age of 18).

Students: 13-20 June 2017 Pre-Encampment (Cadre only): 10-13 June 2017 Camp San Luis Obispo Registration Open 20 April 2017 More details to follow! The dates for the California Wing Encampment for 2017 are 13-20 June at Camp San Luis Obispo.

Pre-Encampment will start on 10 June for Cadre and selected Senior Staff.

Cadets will receive a reminder about 90 days before their membership expires each year. Please proceed to the registration application by clicking below.

The Airman Battle Uniform (or ABU) is the first required uniform for all cadets. Upon completion of the Great Start training program and Achievement 1, Civil Air Patrol will send each cadet a 0.00 voucher to assist with the purchase of the Blues uniform. The application will take approximately 10 minutes to complete, with both cadet and parent. We have 15 new, prospective cadets that have already taken the first step to join CAP, will you be next?

Be sure that the person driving has a valid state Driver's License, vehicle registration, and vehicle insurance card with them when they bring you.

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