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However, they are still prohibited from drinking alcohol, quitting school and voting before the ordinary legal age.

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A minor can obtain emancipation from his/her parents or legal guardians by getting married, joining the military or obtaining a court’s permission.

However, the minor must notify his/her parents or legal guardians that a petition for emancipation has been filed or explain to the court why he/she does not want to notify them.

The below is a list of all jurisdictions in South America as listed in List of sovereign states and dependent territories in South America.

In South America, many countries have different levels of protection or of restriction for sexual activities with minors.

under the age of 18, even if the minor gave consent.

Engaging in sexual intercourse with a minor constitutes statutory rape, which is punishable by jail time, fines and registration as a sex offender upon conviction.

The ages of consent for sexual activity vary by jurisdiction across South America.

The specific activity engaged in or the gender of its participants can also be affected by the law.

Washington’s age of consent laws apply to both heterosexual and homosexual conduct.

Most states allow minors to consent to sex with a person who is close in age to them—even if they are below the age of consent.

But what if the minor is emancipated from his/her parents? A minor who is legally emancipated takes responsibility for himself/herself before he/she turns 18, or legally becomes an adult.

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