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(Jason Ogulnik/Las Vegas Review-Journal)Brenda Hengel, PR and marketing manager, displayed in the center of the computer screen, and Misha Ray, digital marketing manager, demonstrate a "Moe-Bot" virtual tour at The Mob Museum in Las Vegas Thursday, April 7, 2016.(Jason Ogulnik/Las Vegas Review-Journal)Misha Ray, digital marketing manager with The Mob Museum, is displayed on a "Moe-Bot" screen as she gives a demonstration of a virtual tour at museum in Las Vegas Thursday, April 7, 2016.

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After his first release from prison in 1985, Dotson married Camille Dardanes, a woman who had come to know him during the hearings following his conviction.

In March 1986, under difficult financial circumstances, the couple moved in with Dotson's mother. Near the end of 1987, Dardanes requested a divorce.

(Jason Ogulnik/Las Vegas Review-Journal) Between exploring the city in virtual reality and touring Las Vegas museums with a robot, would-be visitors have several options at their fingertips to experience Las Vegas without actually visiting.

Here are five ways to explore Las Vegas from afar: Experience Las Vegas in virtual reality To help potential visitors get a taste of Las Vegas without leaving their home state, the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority recently debuted a virtual reality experience that allows people to experience some of the city’s most familiar attractions.

The documentary, Queen Camilla, also reprises the infamous late-night Camillagate tapes in which the couple exchange embarrassingly intimate endearments.

It unfolds with angry scenes outside the Windsor wedding, where one protester, carrying a placard branding the bride a "rottweiler," is heard describing her as a "slut".

In 1985, the accusing witness recanted her testimony, which had been the main evidence against Dotson.

He was not exonerated or pardoned at that time, but due to popular belief that he was a victim of a false rape accusation, Dotson went through a series of paroles and re-incarcerations until DNA evidence proved his innocence in 1988. After conviction in 1979, the next eight years of his life were spent in prison; another four were spent on legal proceedings which led to charges being dropped in 1988 and a full pardon in 2002.

The programme is in fact remarkably positive about the role of the woman who has been part of Charles's life for almost four decades.

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