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Jodelle Ferland was in Australia for their Super Nova Convention and Movie Mazzupial caught up with her: “MM: (Laughs) Okay, thanks, that makes me feel a bit better.

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She can also be seen starring in Stephen King`s "Kingdom Hospital" (2004), playing a tortured young girl who haunts the hospital`s halls.

In 2004, she landed the lead role of "Jeliza-Rose" in Terry Gilliam`s Tideland (2005), a film about a disturbed young girl who finds solace in her own imagination after the death of her parents.

"In our first scene I get to kiss her on the cheek."Since his scenes are interiors, he won't be joining her when exterior Volturi sequences are shot in Tuscany, however.

Jodelle Ferland tweeted out the results of her Easter egg painting. You can check out the rest of her collection here including eggs that look like pineapples and watermelons.

Jodelle Micah Ferland (born October 9, 1994) is a Canadian actress, best known for her portrayals of Sharon/Alessa in the 2006 horror film Silent Hill, Mary Jensen in the 2004 miniseries Kingdom Hospital, Bree Tanner in the 2010 film The Twilight Saga: Eclipse and Five in the Sy Fy series Dark Matter.

The only con to acting and being this young is the school thing.

, the first in a series of movies based on Stephenie Meyer's popular romantic teenage vampire novels."All the guys were saying, 'It's a chick movie,' but it was really good," Bright recalls.

"I'm glad to be a part of it."No sooner had news reports surfaced about Bright joining the New Moon cast headlined by Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner and Michael Sheen than he began getting text messages from his friends."Even if you're in it for five minutes, you're huge," says the Victoria-born actor who made his debut in a Telus commercial.

She then played a supporting role in comedy flick ‘Good Luck Chuck’.

After that she bagged an important role in the 3rd film of the famous ‘Twilight’ series.

Her portrayal of the heartbroken "Desi" earned her a Daytime Emmy Award nomination, making her the youngest nominee in history, as well as a Young Artist Award.

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