It is situated in Avenida de la Ilustración at the intersection of the V-35 and the Ronda Norte, and provides services for the Burjassot district and the northwest of Valencia.The Hospital will be a unique latest generation building, equipped with technology geared towards sustainability and environmental certifications.Telegoon Ziekenhuis: ( 34) 966 81 74 06 Maak een afspraak: ( 34) 966 81 74 05 Avda.


Includes two anthology favorites, as well as an original CAL LEANDROS story that takes you through The Windy City as only a fourteen-year-old half-monster facing a fully human one could. Milk and Cookies: What does a werewolf want for Christmas?

First Ball…Last Call: Have you ever longed for a post-apocalyptic Western complete with the darkest and deadly of the Sidhe? I wrote one anyway, and it is my favorite story ever to be spawned by my happily twisted brain.

The PDF e Book version is truest to how the author and artist dynamic-duo of Rob and Jaye intended it to look, and cheaper than the (butchered, yet functional) Kindle Direct e Book.

The PDF e Book is viewable on all devices, and you do NOT need a Pay Pal account to purchase it. From furry to fey, shifters to Sidhe, monsters to madmen, and ex-divine to ex-demonic, this collection of supernaturally-spun tales by NEW YORK TIMES Bestselling Author Rob Thurman is bound by the spilled blood of both family and the most fatal of enemies.

What do Griffin and Zeke do in their spare time when not killing demons?

Whatever it might be, they do it Old Testament style.

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