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When I’m not getting annoyed about people playing the follow/unfollow game and using bots to spam me with generic comments, I am quite fond of it.

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Khmer women are smaller and darker than women from other Asian countries. Some of these girls have bodies that make you shake your head and smile, especially the Chinese Cambodian women who are even more beautiful than the traditional Khmer girls. But there’s not one single Cambodian dating site, at least not one that’s worth mentioning.

They are searching in Thailand or in the Philippines. Everyone is talking about Thailand and the Philippines but nobody’s talking about the millions of beautiful single women you can meet in Phnom Penh or Siem Reap.

Most Western men look for an Asian wife in China, Thailand or the Philippines.

But it is of course also possible to find a lady in Cambodian. If you want an Asian wife then it's always a good idea to marry a woman from a country whose culture you like.

There's no Cambodian Cupid equivalent of the popular Thai Love Links or Chinese Cupid dating sites.

If you're looking to date a lady from Cambodia then it's worth checking out two of the larger Asian dating websites that have ladies' profiles from a wide range of Asian countries.

Some of the most beautiful women in Phnom Penh earn less a month than you earn in a day. First of all, it means that you have to be careful that you don’t fall for a woman who only loves your wallet. Pay for her coffee but don’t buy her a handbag just because she wants one.

It’s your job to find out if You don’t need to be rich to get a Cambodian bride.

I’m sorry for the headline, but I’m not sorry for the over 2400 words that you’re about to read.​They are beautiful.

Otherwise you wouldn’t have clicked on an article that’s called My Guide to Your Cambodian Bride…which is actually a pretty lame headline.

So I guess I was a bit taken off-guard by the cringes and outbursts from these friends when I announced I was cutting my hair short.

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