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Crockett and Tubbs quickly contact FBI Special Agent in Charge John Fujima and warn him about Stevens' safety.

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As a rapt audience of her colleagues murmured sympathetically, the cam girl — one of the tens of thousands of women who every day shed their clothes and varying degrees of sexual inhibitions for appreciative live web audiences paying $3 a minute and up — complained that her attempts to market her talents on the social-media application Snapchat had been obstinately thwarted. The hotel’s poolside is festooned with half-or-more naked women shooting selfie videos.

Wednesday’s dominant motif: doing indescribable things to Popsicles in the afternoon heat. ” one model asked of another as they viewed a rival’s website on their cellphones — that sounded like the mating calls of a herd of sexually psychopathic MBAs.

The romantic, gourmet Touché sits on the rooftop and serves aphrodisiacs that set the tone for the evening.

Though if you’d rather, the daily happy hour with half-priced drinks is tough to beat.

The hotel’s decorations (giant inflatable penises), advertising posters (for websites like Chaturbate) and reading material (most frequently seen magazine: the Pompano Beach-based industry journal FUBAR Timez) are eccentric even by the elastic standards of South Beach.

And interviews with the mainstream media were like tip-toeing through a minefield.

Locals will tell you it's very likely someone will say hello, but you may wanna leave the selfie stick at home.

A quick glance of his Snap Chat account allows you to see tummy tucks, Brazilian butt lifts and other cosmetic surgeries happening in real time.

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Welcome to the shameless, silly, sometimes surprisingly studious and always surreal world of Cam Con, a worldwide convention and trade show for the adult entertainment world’s newest frontier, the so-called camming trade.

The film stars Jamie Foxx as Tubbs and Colin Farrell as Crockett, as well as Gong Li, Justin Theroux, Naomie Harris, Ciarán Hinds, and Barry Shabaka Henley as Castillo.

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