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His goal was to be the first US angler to repeat individual and/or team gold.

Fly fishing, where imitation bugs lure fish on light tackle, is big in Europe and out west.

It’s normal for an established flock to aggressively go after the interloper.

Try it and you’ll see body language that ranges from mildly threatening head-darts to more dramatic chest bumps.

Usually, the meeker hen will scurry away with the head hen in fast pursuit.

If the new hen is introduced into a confined area where there is no space to escape, the aggression can escalate to bloodshed.

A hen might pin another one down and viciously peck at her head.

Intervene if you see this behavior as this can lead to death!

Though I barely made it on the volley team my eigth grade year (sports were never really my thing) I've always been book smart.

I have a passion for people and learning so I love asking questions and hearing about you.

We put all our time and effort into the pursuit of the trout.”He said the magic is in the battle. it’s a huge adrenaline rush.” As the rushing Furnace Brook cascades around the rocks, the young angler explained why it’s more fun to fly fish than fish with a traditional rod and reel.“The fight on a fly rod is a lot better, every time you catch a fish, you feel like you have a monster on the end of your line every time.”There’s history here.

“They have this saying, ‘The tug is the drug.’ When the fish eats the fly and you’re connected on the other end and you feel them fighting that’s, I think, what people are in pursuit of the most . In June 1955, President Dwight Eisenhower went fly fishing at Furnace Brook.

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