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Best dated Lindsay Lohan back in 2007, and he has a reputation for famewhoring. ) Followers have suspiciously pointed out that while Calum is all over Brandi's IG page, she doesn't make a single appearance on his. The show features 8 celebs who live in a loft together and attempt to determine why they're so chronically single.

It's already yielded one unexpected relationship/publicity stunt couple, as we learned last week that Pauly D and Aubrey O'Day are dating.

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"Aubrey is a really persuasive person and she's charming," he admits.

"It's very hard to say no to her and that's the red flag! Josh Murray jokes he prefers personality over looks: Dr.

Now, that question has been answered - he has a secret model girlfriend When you’ve got a model physique, you can make your Best effort to show it off to full effect.

And Rose Cochran-Stack knows the optimal way to do that is with the most famous figure-enhancing dress known to womankind – a Hervé Léger bandage dress.

is a major cringe-fest with one awkward moment after another—ranging from mildly and comically embarrassing to just straight-up uncomfortable. Calum momentarily forgets Brandi's name: For their first official date, Calum takes Brandi to a cooking class.

Between Aubrey O'Day attempting to brand her name on Pauly D's body and Calum Best calling Brandi Glanville by another woman's name, the discomfort is truly real. It's all going well as they prepare the food and make inappropriate jokes. Calum tries to laugh off his embarrassment, but he's still mortified.

CALUM Best is reportedly dating one of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

The former Celebrity Big Brother star has been spotted with reality icon Brandi Glanville following the pair's appearance on E! "They are sort of dating," a source told US Weekly. The rumoured couple haven't been trying to hide their apparent romance either.

Much like many of Calum’s ex-flings, which include glamour models Brandi Glanville, Hazel O’Sullivan and Georgia Salpa, new squeeze Lindsey from Louisiana boasts an incredible body… A pal added: “Calum has always said he wants to settle down with the right girl and him and Lindsey have really hit it off.

Explains a lot: Celebrity Big Brother fans have been wondering why playboy Calum Best has been turning down the advances of Cami Li.

Both Brandi and Calum have been busy sharing pictures of themselves together all over social media in recent weeks.

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