Calum best dating georgia salpa

(Photo by Mike Windle/Getty Images for i Heart Media)Britney Spears arrives at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) August 28, 2011 at the Noika Theatre in downtown Los Angeles, California. Exactly 10 years ago today, marked the beginning of a rocky road to recovery when she left a rehab facility and walked straight into a hair salon in Los Angeles and shaved her head.

In the weeks that followed, tabloids reported on her erratic behaviour and her mental health status which came to a head later that year after an worrisome performance at the MTV VMAs, wearing a wig and forgetting most of the words and moves throughout her routine.

Calum Best has lived more than a fair share of his life in the shadows of a painful past. The only people who were letting me onboard were club owners." And bartenders! "I didn't know how to accept that, or take that on board. ' "But as the years went by," he adds, "I figured it out personally: I think with most alcohol-dependent people it would be a case of when the booze goes and their mind goes clear, they realise all the people they've let down, or hurt. "She was here to support me and she made me realise the good things and how I should change. "These issues screwed me up for a while but the point of my story is: you can come out on top. I don't mean in an ego way but a way of actually liking himself. I have still got some anxiety about what people think. but I am happier than I have ever been now," says Calum, moving away from the shadows of his past, finally.

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However, she split with the lothario after photos emerged of him returning to the North London home of TV presenter Donna Air, following a night out. I stormed right through and shouted, 'Calum can I just give this? The struggling mum said she moved to Ireland to give Amelia a better life, along with her brother Connor. "At first I was bitter but I am nothing like that now." A spokesperson for Calum refused to go into detail on the matter.

Calum, who had a reputation as a dedicated ladies man, was recently courting Irish model Georgia Salpa. Lorna says she is homeless and broke after being forced to quit her home and move in with relatives in Co Cavan.

Georgia Salpa regularly hits the gym to keep her voluptuous figure in shape.

However, she is not a fan of doing cardio in the gym as she believes that due to her high metabolism, cardio makes her look too skinny. Salpa also attends Pilates classes once or twice a week.

Little Amelia Best Hogan (4) was brought by her mum Lorna to meet Calum at the launch of his aftershave at a pharmacy in Bundoran, Co Donegal.

However, Calum walked off when approached by the woman who claims her daughter is a result of a fling with Calum. ' Mummy tells me what a great person my grandad was too.

"Alcohol dependence, more commonly known as alcoholism, is a brain disease. I witnessed this first hand with my father, who drank heavily every day of his life up until he died at the age of 59," he says. I'd have been an absolute mess." Would he like to be a dad himself one day?

A few years back I was losing the plot." What did you learn from losing the plot? He explains that "nearly two-thirds of people in Ireland believe alcohol dependence has a genetic component that runs in families", referring to a new study launched last week. Four, five years ago I wouldn't have been able to sit here having this conversation with you.

LOTHARIO She handed him a letter which was signed from Amelia which read: "Please daddy, take the DNA test so you don't have to deny me anymore. Please have a heart and don't put me through this anymore.

Lorna said: "I got hold of Amelia and I just walked straight in. ' "I had to put Amelia down to get through the men because they wouldn't let me through. "As ever, when it comes to this woman, it's a private matter.

BITTER She travelled to a private London clinic for a DNA test arranged with his mum Angie -- but Calum failed to show up.

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