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ctype_digit() excepts all numbers to be strings (like: "123") and does not validate real integers (like: 123).4.

Some people strongly believe that regular functions slow down your script. is_numeric() accepts values like: 0123.45e6 (but you would expect it would not)2.

is_int() does not accept HTML form fields (like: 123) because they are treated as strings (like: "123").3.

Input validation Input validation is the process of checking whether the user input meets some set of criteria.

Input validation can generally be broken down into two types: string and numeric.

In this case the response will be placed into the memory location associated with the variable number.

This explains the special significance of the & character (which means the address of).

The scanf routine, which accepts the response, has two arguments.

The first ("%d") specifies what type of data type is expected (ie char, int, or float). The second argument (&number) specifies the variable into which the typed response will be placed.

In most languages (especially scripting languages like Perl and PHP), this is done via regular expressions.

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