C murder and monica dating

The couple's romance parallels that of Shannon's team mate Lamar Odom and his whirlwind romance and wedding to Khloe Kardashian after just one month of dating.'We realize people will have their opinions,' Monica wrote on her Twitter. But we know who we are & who's we are.' The star has had her share of serious romantic tragedy: her childhood sweetheart committed suicide in front of her, and another beau, rapper C-Murder, is now in jail for a a murder conviction.Some of you are too young to remember Mia X who was the First Lady of No Limit Records.

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The album was promoted with the singles "Like a Jungle" and "Gangsta Walk" featuring fellow No Limit artist at the time Snoop Dogg.

The album would eventually sell over 500,000 copies making it certified gold.

As many people know, Monica and I have been friends for over 13 yrs and I was caught off guard when I read some of the comments after you posted the C Murder video.

This is a hard time for us we love Corey and he is a VERY good person who made a bad decission that 2001 nite at the club in Baton Rouge, but some of your readers were saying that Mo was dating C during his marriage. When Monica dated Corey neither he nor she had ever married to anyone.

Me, personally, I don’t care what folks want to say about me as long as they keep driving traffic to my blog so I can eat.

Anyway, the lovely Mia X reached out to to set the record straight regarding convicted rapper C Murder’s relationship with a young Monica at the peak of her career back in the day.He's loving, compassionate, strong and supportive of my children, family and career.I look forward to our lives together.'The ceremony reportedly took place at their Los Angeles home.To be specific, she was 16 and he was 26 around the time, so yeah, it wasn’t a relationship accepted by her parents (“Mom. Monica would later go on to say, to the My first real relationship was with C and that was one hell of a ride.He and I both believed in a lot of the same things, but those rebellious stages sometimes caused conflict between the two of us.In the same breath, I think it was good that he was so much older than me because I learned full responsibility through that situation. And he and my mom became so close; because she was definitely afraid of somebody taking advantage of me.

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