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It means that an option must be selected mandatorily from the control.

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Sometimes people are just trying to be funny, or they are literally trying to break your program. If the data is indeed only alphabetic letters (no symbols, no numbers or any other punctuation characters) the test succeeds and stores True inside the Name Valid variable. This is because it becomes more legible than just a normal set of numbers.

You could say that a program's testers are supposed to do this; yes, they should - nobody else should. If not, if there is even just one unallowed character that is not supposed to be there, the Match method will return False. Instead of you having to loop through each character to determine what that character is, you simply need the correct Regular Expression pattern. Clear() Surname Valid = False Else Surname Valid = True End If End Sub It is basically the exact same code for the Name box, but I just included the capability to comprehend a space character as well. People expect to enter a phone number in a format similar to this: ###-###-####.

To add this control to the Dyna Form design, drag the icon below from the Web Controls panel at the left, onto one of the rows in the Dyna Form design.

When added to the Dyna Form design, a text control looks as follows: When running a case or in the previewing a Dyna Form, a text controls looks as follows: After adding a textbox to the Dyna Form design, it is possible to customize its functionality and behavior, using the properties panel.

Masked Text Box のText Mask Formatプロパティを変更することで、どのように文字列を取得するかを 変更できる。 たとえば、Masked Text Box A に"____年__月__日" というマスクを設定して、テキストボックスに"2012年02月20日"と入力された場合 フォーマット文字列を除いて取得: Masked Text Box A. Exclude Prompt And Literals str Input = Masked Text Box str Input:"20120220" フォーマット文字列を含めて取得: Masked Text Box A.

The regular text box, also referred to as the edit control in Microsoft Windows (Win32), allows the user to enter any type of string in the control.

Well, sometimes a good structured and thought out If statement can suffice, but it can become quite long and cumbersome in the future. By using Regular Expressions this way, you can reduce the chances of getting errors at erratic times. This sub checks the email's format and if it thinks that it matches, it returns True and vice versa.

Also, the more tests you are performing, the slower your app might become. For more information regarding Regular Expressions, you are welcome to look at these two MSDN articles: Because it is always easy to learn by doing things practically, you will be creating an app that makes use of Regular Expressions to determine valid input. NET application and design the form to resemble Figure 1. Obviously this only works for the formatting of the email.

A name doesn't generally contain weird symbols, and definitely not numbers. This can be from the mouse clicking inside another field, or a Tab key being pressed to navigate to the next input control. ") Else Email Valid = True 'Email is Perfect End If Else 'Not A Match To Pattern Email Valid = False 'Set Boolean Variable To False Message Box. I hope you have learned from this article and that you have enjoyed it as much as I did.

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